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Charles is a best-selling author of now three books and became a World Diabetes Advocate following his own diagnosis of Type II diabetes in 2011. Charles is also an accomplished director and producer and his slate of films and TV programs are highly sought after.

A tireless advocate for diabetics everywhere, Charles Mattocks, is determined to help stem the tide of this deadly disease. Charles is also wrapping up his diabetes documentary entitled “The Diabetic You” and has just shot and is selling the first diabetes reality TV show entitled “Reversed”. Charles’ new Children's Book is sure to educate and inspire this year as he travels around the country to promote it. Wrapping up a new show "Conversations in the kitchen" based in the caribbean this lifestyle/food and travel show will penetrate a new market 

Charles’s mother, Constance Marley, also the sister of the late Reggae legend Bob Marley, was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD in 2008. Charles has seen the pain and the mismanagement of the condition first hand. Charles was moved to get his mother the needed help, with also bringing awareness to the condition that has brought severe pain to the lives of almost two million people around the world. With this strive to achieve awareness, Charles has recently completed a documentary on this debilitating disease, entitled "Trial By Fire".The film has won a total of seven awards around the world and Charles won best director.

The best is yet to come as Charles is traveling the world and creating programs in other islands and countries. A voice and a force for serious change, Charles will shake up the health industry! 1

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June 9th 2017   Show # 6



And her personal journey with CRPS.

Our Guest for June 13th  Show #7



author of


This is a book written from my heart to share with you what I learned in 16 years of research and my own personal journey! I connect the dots between my own test results and the research to help you understand the roots of autoimmune conditions. Dealing with autoimmune conditions, heavy metal exposures and chronic conditions? If you want to stay healthy or reverse disease in the body, this is the book for you. Download on Amazon. Research found here is priceless! You can reverse fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, neuropathy and much more!
Dr. Laura Hurley gave this book a 5 star rating on Amazon!

Find the roots to all those common chronic conditions!

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 Wednesday June 14 Show #9



Chris is an Enhancement Coach & Energy Practitioner.

His vision is to aid in the enhancement of our holistic lifestyles that hold us back from feeling, perceiving, & achieving the unconditional love we desire in our lives.

Chris' story isn't much different than many others he has battled his shadow self to overcome depression, suicidal behaviors, & addictions that were distracting him from being, achieving & loving who he was, what he was doing, how he was doing it, and who he invested his time & energy with.

In 2012, that all came to an end. After a major loss of his businesses in his life he was awoken to the duality of our conditional communications that keep us repeating the lessons of our past traditions.

He has since developed The G.A.U.G.E. a set of simple principles that allows for the present to be in alignment with his version of happy, healthy, & successful relationships beyond the conditions of should of could of, and would of, to be living within his life in the flow of harmony, prosperity, & sustainability that he sought after for the majority of his life.

To learn more about Chris, how he can aid you enhance your energy, love, & life, or The Enhance Your World Network please visit

SHOW #10

June 20, 2017

A conference with:

Dr. Abigail Donaldson

Dr. Michael Donaldson


Exogenous Therapeutic Ketones

along with...

Suzie Betts


Chuck Williams


Suzie Betts is a Certified Bio Energetics Practitioner and Student of GNM (German New Medicine) who for the past 8 years has owned and operated her own private practice with a focus on Alternative Health options which assist in bringing about Homeostasis in the body.


Her personal journey started in 1993 when her own health became compromised and the Medical Professionals were unable to identify her many symptoms and ailments. Over a period of 14 years, she suffered greatly with the loss of physical vitality only later to discover she had a host of "labels" she added to her physical description such as; Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, CIFIDS, an Adenoma in the Cecum of her colon, Gastritis, GERD, debilitating migraines, Vertigo and Labrinthitis. This fact alone coupled with her frustration led her to begin to do her own research which led to her subsequent studies at the Clayton College of Natural Health. In her personal quest for her own health recovery she was introduced to many excellent Doctors and Practitioners and those forward thinking Innovators in the Wellness Community, including Dr.'s Abigail and Michael Donaldson, fellow Colleagues who use and train those in the Application and use of various Alternative Modalities which she has embraced. 


Through this relationship with the Dr.'s Abby and Michael, she was most recently introduced to Pruvit, a stellar company which manufactures and promotes the use of Exogenous Therapeutic Ketones. They, along with a host of like minded thinkers, have embraced Ketones and a Ketogenic lifestyle and have subsequently joined in the Ketone Konversation. Dedicated to helping others exceed their expectations in Longevity enhanced therapies, Suzie, along with her Husband, Chuck Williams, and Dr. Abigail and Dr. Michael have joined forces to bring this Konversation to the forefront.

Show #11

June 21, 2017

Return Guest:

Suzie Betts

is a Certified Bio Energetics Practitioner and Student of GNM (German New Medicine) who for the past 8 years has owned and operated her own private practice with a focus on Alternative Health options which assist in bringing about Homeostasis in the body.

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JUNE 27th,2017


Topics: Doctor Responsibilities, Autism, Genetics, Vaccines

Dr. Lyons-Weiler is the CEO and Director of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, which exists to conduct research in the public interest without profit motive. He is best known for contributions to advances in medical bioinformatics, and for his three books, “Ebola: An Evolving Story”, “Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research”, and “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism”. A true-blue academic, he has directed the analysis of data from over 100 medical studies, served as Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cancer Informatics, serves on the Editorial Board of Cancer Research, and has published more than 48 papers in reputable journals. His lives in Western PA with his two well-adjusted teen-aged sons and his fiance.

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June 28th 2017




Discusses Vaccine Injury

Single mom of 14 year old daughter Savannah. Savannah was healthy and had no health problems at all before having a severe reaction to a Gardasil vaccine in 2014. Reactions to the vaccine were seen almost immediately and progressively got worse over coming months. Reactions include: blistering at site of injection, seizures, migraines, POTS, immune system failure, fainting, blood pressure problems, tachycardia, Gastroparesis (stomach paralysis), inability to walk or use arms, severe spine and head pain (constant 24/7), pain in eyes, cognitive dysfunction and memory loss. Sarah was forced to quit her job to care for Savannah full time at home. Savannah has been hospitalized 13 times and treated in the emergency room over 60 times in 34 months for uncontrollable pain. In that time she was seen at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Savannah was diagnosed with POTS, Hoshimotos Encephalopathy, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Anemia and Gastroparesis.

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