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July 11 2017 




July 12, 2017



"This 25-Year-Old Aims to Cure the Rare Neurological Disorder that Crippled Her"


Since she was 12, Jasmine Fuller has suffered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder that causes loss of motor control and severe, constant pain among other possible symptoms.  It causes the highest pain of any condition except cancer pain and is so unremitting that the most common cause of death for CRPS patients is suicide.  Doctors are generally reluctant to accept patients with CRPS -- especially young ones -- because of how complex and hopeless their cases are.


Jasmine has spent thousands of hours pursuing every CRPS treatment in existence, but the research for an effective treatment just doesn't exist yet.  She said, "Rather than lose hope, I decided I simply needed to make more research."  Toward that end, she is pursuing a Master of Science in Technological Leadership through the University of Advancing Technology, a prestigious institution which offers exclusively futuristic majors.  Jasmine, now 25, considers her purpose in life to be lessening the suffering of other CRPS patients and bringing them hope.  Through her coursework at UAT, Jasmine created the Make Your Voice B Heard Project, which has since gone viral several times and is now the largest study of its ever kind ever conducted, at over 2,400 participants worldwide with CRPS.  Jasmine is using the data to persuade geneticists & genomicists at cutting-edge research facilities to devote more funds to CRPS research.


She is the first member of her family to pursue a science-related career or an advanced degree in science, and she has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies.  Jasmine is the author of an upcoming book titled, "How to Survive, Thrive, Hope & Cope with CRPS," and has owned a thriving editing firm for the last 3 years called Jasmine Flower Editing through which she has had the honor of working with hundreds of authors and published scholars."

July 19th, 2017



Dr. Phillip Getson

Philip Getson, D.O. is a  Family Physician in practice since 1976 in New Jersey. He is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and has lectured extensively on the subject at National conferences such as Pain Week and the American Association of Pain Management. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of America and one of their designated speakers. He is the presenter at the RSD Association's CME conference for doctors to enable their understanding of the disease.  To date he has evaluated over 1300 patients with CRPS and his You Tube presentations have been viewed by more than 30,000 individuals.

  He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Neurology at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, and a member of the medical staff at Virtua, John F Kennedy and Cooper Hospitals.

 He is a Board Certified Thermologist, and has reviewed more than 25,000 Thermographic Studies of the breast, thyroid, dental and neuromuscular system. He has been certified by four Thermographic Boards, has lectured nationally and internationally regarding Thermographic Testing, and has authored several papers on the subject. He has recently completed a three year term as Vice President of the American Academy of Thermology. Dr. Getson was chairman of the committee responsible for formulating the  first ever protocols for breast thermography that have since been accepted by the National and International Thermographic Community.

July 25th, 2017


Sheri New

From the day a flatbed cart ran up her heel at work, Sheri New was headed down a path she never anticipated. CRPS has taken her from a $60 K job, to trying to make ends meet and battling insurance companies. Striving to understand her condition and helping others has become her calling. She has helped bring the screening of “Trial by Fire” to Houston, and also started a Facebook page that now boasts nearly 900 people who also suffer this devastating disease, and who Sheri calls her “Family”. Sheri now feels that she has a bigger purpose in life, and has been called to do God’s work in helping people with CRPS cope with that reality.

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