September 26th 2017

CAW Welcomes:

Janine DeRose

Candidate for California State Senate District 6

"While largely politically minded, Janine’s most recent efforts have been geared towards nonprofit work focused on cultural changes that will bring light to the connection between how we behave in our personal lives and what behaviors we accept from and expect from our political leaders.

She is a colleague with the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity (a nonprofit organization assembled to persuade people to act in concert with social principles that advance human happiness, harmony and prosperity), and the Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Sacramento County (a well-rounded, county-wide political party organization rooted in the Libertarian philosophy).

She is passionate about working through communities in order to change the culture of local government and beyond."*

* Used by permission: Janine DeRose

Coming soon,

Dr. Forest Tennant

will discuss the Opioid "Crisis"

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