Wed. April 10, 6pm ET

Glenn Gittelson, DDS


Dr. Gittelson has been in private practice for more than thirty five years as a restorative dentist. For the last eighteen years, his practice has focused primarily on diagnosing and treating TMJ related disorders, as well as head, neck, facial pain and CRPS/RSD disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Gittelson has extensive and ongoing training in the science of jaw joint and facial pain diagnostics, as well as TMJ MRI and Maxillo-Facial CT interpretation. He received this training at the prestigious Piper Education and Research Center, (PERC) in St. Petersburg, FL under the direct tutelage of Mark Piper, M.D., D.M.D.


Dr Gittelson has been lecturing for the past eighteen years around the country on the science, diagnosis and treatment of TMJ related disorders and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,(CRPS/RSD) in children, adolescents and adults


Dr Gittelson offers educational seminars to the general public on CRPS.

Dr Gittelson also offers courses and training to doctors and qualified practitioners on the science of CRPS diagnostics and treatment including sympathetic diagnostic/therapeutic nerve blocks.

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